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MagalieMagalie is 29 years old and was born in France. She started gymnastics at the age of 8 and joined the French National Team Training Center in Marseille at the age of 11. She represented France in international competitions until the age of 16. She obtained her bachelor’s degree from Marseille in Communications and Economy and a license in Sport Training specializing in Gymnastics and early childhood gym. She then began coaching at a gymnastics club in Marseille before entering into the world of performance as an acrobat and actress with Cirque Du Soleil. She performed as a teeterboard (planche) flier, chinese poles artist, trampolinist, taiko drummer and as an actress in the role of Baby Girl at Treasure Island’s Mystere for 8 years. Magalie also taught at a children’s circus school here in Vegas for 2 years. She has performed aerial straps with her husband and is the mother of two beautiful children.

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