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Lin heaadshotLin-Veronica was born and raised in Bergen, Norway. She competed nationally in Artistic Gymnastics, Team Gymnastics and Internationally in German wheel. After high school she moved to Germany to train German wheel, and she also got a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Sports Medicine/Sport Rehabilitation from the Sport University in Cologne. She competed, performed and coached German Wheel as well as attaining all of the coaching certificates for German wheel. She competed in 6 German wheel World Championships, bringing home 9 medals. After College she moved to the US to pursue a career as a circus performer. As well as performing in different shows she also coached German wheel and other circus disciplines at youth circuses all over the country, the two collegiate circuses in the US and other circuses (including Cirque du Soleil and Ecole National in Montreal). She also took classes at FSU in costume design and has her own little company making leotards, circus, dance and ice skating costumes.

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